Cash America International (Client)

  • $8,000 2010 payments to lobbyists
  • 3 lobbyists hired
  • 4 actions sought

    4 administrative
    2 legislative

Actions sought

Purpose Lobbyist Agency Admin. Leg.
New Store Paul Rosenfeld City Council Yes No
New Stores / Community Support Paul Rosenfeld City Council Yes No
Pd Caroline Domagalski City Council Yes Yes
Pd Caroline Domagalski Dept of Zoning and Land Use Policy Yes Yes

Lobbyists hired

Lobbyist Firm Amount
Marcus Nunes Chico & Nunes, P.C. $0
Caroline Domagalski Chico & Nunes, P.C. $2,000
Paul Rosenfeld Government Navigation Group, Inc $6,000
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