Disabilities (City agency)

  • 9 lobbyist actions

    9 administrative
    2 legislative

  • 5 lobbyists
  • 5 lobbying firms

Agency description

MOPD's Information and Referral staff assist people with disabilities in making more effective use of the health, education, training, economic and social resources available to them. A major component of Information and Referral is the identification of and distribution of resources. Services are provided to people with disabilities, social service professionals, educators and the general public.

Actions sought

Purpose Lobbyist Client Admin. Leg.
Accessibility Mary Minaghan Chicagoland Apartment Assn. Yes Yes
Land Transfer William Dickett Salvation Army Yes Yes
Litigation Graham Grady StabFund (USA) Yes No
Pd Joseph Gattuso Jupiter Realty Corporation Yes No
Pd Jack Guthman Jupiter Realty Corporation Yes No
Pd Joseph Gattuso Westport Associates LP Yes No
Pd Joseph Gattuso Northside Imports, Inc Yes No
Pd Joseph Gattuso Englewood Cooperative Yes No
Permits Graham Grady Northwestern University Settlement Assoc. Yes No
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Address on file:

121 North LaSalle Street, Room 104
Chicago, IL 60602
United States