Commission on Chicago Landmarks (City agency)

  • 4 lobbyist actions

    4 administrative
    2 legislative

  • 4 lobbyists
  • 3 lobbying firms

Agency description

The Commission on Chicago Landmarks is responsible for recommending buildings, structures, sites and districts for legal protection as official Chicago landmarks. It is also responsible for reviewing proposed alteration to existing landmarks and districts as well as proposed demolitions of structures considered to be historically or architecturally significant.

Actions sought

Purpose Lobbyist Client Admin. Leg.
Landmark Designation Peter Cassel 5454 S. Shore Drive, LLC Yes Yes
Pd Edward Kus Strategic Hotel Capital, Inc. Yes No
Pd Jack Guthman Strategic Hotel Capital, Inc. Yes No
Zoning Terrance Diamond Comer Science & Education Foundation Yes Yes
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Address on file:

33 North LaSalle Street, Suite 1600
Chicago, IL 60602
United States